Thursday, 5 September 2013

Baba's Humour

Baba with children:  Divine good humour in play!

Recently, everyone has been talking about Baba's humour.  Even my parents were supposed to talk about this for the Young Adults Sahavas held at Meherabad last month, but ended up talking about other things about Him, I am told.  However, yesterday in Mandali Hall at Meherazad there was talk of His humour and these two stories that I've not heard myself were so funny and so sweet, I am sharing with you all.

Both of these are from my dad Sam Kerawala.  The first one takes place during one of Baba's visits to Karachi in what is now Pakistan, but was then undivided India.  Baba was being hosted at a very posh hotel called The Grand Hotel by Mansari Desai's uncle Homi Desai.  

The evening was very enjoyable and Baba was in a very good mood.  Beaming at the gathering, He said, "Is there anyone who is more loving, caring, gentle and considerate than I am?"  No one said anything.  Baba gestured, "Don't worry, say openly if you know someone who is more loving and gentle than Me.  I won't be angry."  At this Homi Desai got up to speak.  "You know someone who is more loving and gentle than I am?"  Baba gestured incredulously!  "Who?"  "My butcher" Homi replied.  "Your butcher??  Why is he more loving and gentle than Me?"  "Because Baba, he kills with one clean stroke, whereas you cut a little here, prick a bit there...making small, small wounds and taking for ever about it." said Homi.  Baba laughed, then gestured, "I too can kill at one stroke, but if I do that your eyes won't be opened.  Only by cutting a little here, pinching a little there and so on can I accomplish what I have come to do, which is to awaken you." Divine Humour, in spades!!!  

The other story happens in Meherabad, during the 1958 Sahavas.  There were around 2000 people at that gathering, and one day they were sitting before Baba and a singer was singing a quawali for Baba's entertainment.  For some reason, he kept on repeating the line, "If You cannot quench my thirst, don't call Yourself the limitless Ocean."  Over and over he sang this same line, even though Baba gestured to him several times to move on.  Ignoring Baba, he kept repeating, "If You can't quench my thirst, don't call Yourself the limitless Ocean."  

It being around tea time, just then the tea boy brought the tea around.  Baba gestured to him to come on the stage.  As the singer was going on one more time, "If You..."  Baba looks at the singer then gestures to the tea-walla without missing a beat, "Give this man two cups, he is very thirsty!"  Even the singer had to stop and laugh out loud!!!  Funny, funny God!

There were other sweet stories, Baba cheating at gilli-danda and cards, Baba eating up someone's food while berating her about breaking His order to eat only simple daal and rice and many times He came down to the human level and played with us as one of us.  Then, just as we'd got used to thinking of Him as a child or playmate, He'd remind us, "Don't take Me for granted.  Just because I become one of you, don't forget that I am God." 

Hope you all have a humourous day in His Love.  Jai Meher Baba! 

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