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Satgurus and God-realized? Avatar Meher Baba's Last Warning is Very Clear!

On 12 August 2014 the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust took a major step and published the following warning to all Baba lovers world-wide:

If you haven't seen it, please do go and read it, because it is a very important circular.  Baba has warned His lovers many times about getting involved with sadgurus, realized souls, yogis, mahatmas, etc.  Yet here is a man, Dr Raghuveer Singh Gaur, who came to Meherabad stating that Meher Baba had given him realization in the Samadhi, and that as a God-realized soul and Sadguru, he is worthy of worship.  His website clearly shows people bowing down to him, kissing his feet, writhing on the ground in trances - none of these things would have been tolerated by Beloved Baba nor His Mandali.

I happened to be travelling on the west coast of the USA in July this year, when it so happened that Dr Gaur also was there and was invited to address a meeting at the LA Baba Center, Meherabode.  However, people who did some research on Dr Gaur came across his website and videos he has posted on YouTube and were shocked that such a person was going to come to a Baba Center to give a talk.  Due to some very public comments, the talk was cancelled.

Now, as it so happens, Dr Gaur is well-known at Meherabad!  He first came to the notice of residents and trustees when they saw him wandering around with a following.  In fact, he was allowing people to bow down and touch his feet in Hostel D!  When our current chairman saw this he told him to stop immediately and informed him about Beloved Baba's orders, warnings and wishes.  He was told that if people wanted to bow down to him and he allowed them to, this was their business, but NOT ON TRUST PROPERTY. Very clear, right?

When we heard that he had bought a plot of land very near the Samadhi people were concerned, and it was then that research showed the videos and the information on his website, showing him giving darshan with Beloved Baba's photograph, flag and His Mastery in Servitude symbol behind his chair.  Meherwan Jessawala has warned Dr Gaur, twice in my presence, about the danger of the path he's going there is first-hand information about this man's actions.

I was forwarded an email by the AMBPPCT, "AN OPEN LETTER -- Expressing Disappointment with the AMBPPCT Trustees!", from someone who wrote anonymously, purporting to be an old-time Baba lover in the West. This person states that the entire circular was drafted by Mehera Arjani and the AMBPPCT published it without verifying anything.  The reason I got it is because it stated categorically that I had written this circular.  Not so.  Meherwan Jessawala was asked to help draft it, and since I do his correspondence, I was involved in helping him do that.  This anonymous individual accuses the AMBPPCT of not doing the minimum due diligence before sending out something like this, and treating Dr Gaur as "guilty until proven innocent".  For the record, Dr Gaur's behavior was observed first hand by trustees and residents, and he had been warned in person to desist.  

As the Trust circular states, no one can judge the spiritual status of any other person, but we as Baba lovers can and should keep away from any other guru, no matter whether she or he is genuine or not.  Baba has said that once having come to the Avatar we should not go to anyone else, EVER.  Our family was not even allowed to visit the centers of His five Perfect Masters except for once, that too with His permission. Though my sister and I had no such order, we had not even been to Kedgaon and Shirdi until recently, and having been there once and paid our respects, I have no desire to go again.

Dr Gaur states that he brings people to Meher Baba.  But they bow to him, not to Baba.  They call him Sadguru.  Since when did Baba need an intermediary?  If you look at the YouTube videos, he is always between Baba's picture and his devotees, sitting in a chair like Baba did, and allowing people to bow down to him and garland him.  Baba is put at his back, delegated to the background.  Anyone who comes between you and Meher Baba needs to be avoided at all costs. Either follow Beloved Baba or follow the person who comes between The Lord and you, but you cannot do both and yet obey Baba's Last Warning.

 I have previously written a blog about Eruch Jessawala's wife, Khorshed.  How Baba banished her from the family after she refused to give up her association with a spiritual predator in Mumbai. Baba didn't prevaricate, He didn't give any soft options.  He was very firm about this matter.  He took equally strong action when it came to Balak Bhagwan and Krishnaji, both of them taking on 'guru' status while the Avatar was still in the physical form!  This is how it was, is and always will be.



  1. Thank you for the clarifying info. Well said, well done. All must be vigilant. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

    Dan Sparks (Oklahoma City)

  2. Thank you Mehera. I am very pleased you did this. I feel greatly relieved on many levels. Beloved Meher Baba is the Highest of the High. In His Sweet and abiding love, I embrace you, and with folded hands acknowledge how precious our destiny is in Him.

  3. When I was sent an email about him, I took the link to the video. I was sickened by what I saw. In the description of the video was a link to his website. This made me terribly sad - for the people who are "following" him, and especially for him. He is taking on a terrible burden.

  4. I agree, Pris. This is the worst burden of all for him! But giving up adulation and praise is so very hard to do. Baba calls individuals addicted to worship and devotion directed at themselves 'Opiumized Saints'. Like an opiate, it is very hard to give up.

    I remember when I was teaching a personal development class for a finishing school in Mumbai. It was a popular class, and the students seemed to get a lot from it. Of course, they began to come for private talks, then brought parents and/or siblings, friends and so on. As I taught more classes the students that had passed through my class grew, and I would be recognized on the streets of Mumbai (imagine how difficult this can be, given the state of the crowds there!) and it started getting to a point where I began to believe their hype about me. It was a wonderful high.

    Recognizing what was happening, I stopped teaching the classes, because I didn't want to get hooked on this ego-gratification. If a mere personal development class can have such a strong effect, how much more hooked can an individual's ego get when one is hailed as Sadgurudev? When people bow down and kiss your feet, prostrate themselves, surrender to one in the way observed in these videos!!

    Dears Chris and Pris, thank you for your lovely music! I loved being at Meherabode and meeting you both and all the lovely and loving hearts that our Beloved has nurtured in His Abode in LA...Jai Meher Baba!!


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