Friday, 2 October 2009

Story time-Baba and Brownie

Every Friday my parents (Sam & Roshan Kerawalla) go to the old MPC at Meherabad to tell stories, from 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon. Since I have returned home I go with them because it's always great to hear Baba stories. Today Dad told stories mainly from his times with Baba, not Sufi stories. I love hearing about the family and their times with Baba.

He told many stories about remembering Him, Baba's love for animals, His Divinity, etc. One story I particularly loved because it involved Brownie, my childhood pet, who was alive when I was born and died when I was just over a year or so old. Baba had come to Bindra House (Eruch's mum's home in Poona/Pune) with the Mandali. Adi Senior was with Baba and when Baba was ready to leave he accompanied Baba to the door.

Brownie was really old by then, and sick with cancer of the uterus, so she was very slow in moving and often spotted wherever she lay down. That day she happened to be lying across the front door from where Baba would exit. Adi shoved her with his foot to make her move. Baba saw this and became very angry, asking Adi what did he think he was doing, why did he kick Brownie? Adi got very flustered and replied that he was only trying to clear the way for Baba to leave and the dog was lying right across His path. Baba gestured with great displeasure, 'I can see the 3 worlds (gross, subtle and mental) with a single glance. Do you mean to say I could not see this poor dog lying here?' He made Adi bow down to Brownie, which Adi did.

Baba came for all His creation, not just for us humans. Brownie was really fortunate, Baba often played with her, petted her and she had a lot of contact with the Avatar. I was told by my grandparents that Baba said that any animal who had His physical contact would be human in it's next incarnation. I don't know if they will or not, but they will always have that spiritual push that the touch of the Ancient one gives any soul in the Universe.


  1. Lots of Love to You. Thank You for teh story I hve met your parents in Jabalpur when they honoured us by visitng our house. Love to All...
    Jai Baba
    Chandar Meher

  2. I'll tell mum and dad you sent Jai Baba. Hope to meet you some time, now I am back in India.


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