Saturday, 10 October 2009

Walks with Meherwan Jessawalla

I have been staying at Meherazad with Manu and Meherwan Jessawalla, my aunt and uncle. Both have not been well, Manu has had two weeks of being short of breath and this has been upsetting for her, and all who are with her. She is improving but she's 91 and at her age anything can bring on something more serious.

Meherwan has had a problem with assimilating proteins. This has left him feeling weak and he gets swellings on his legs. We used to walk up Seclusion Hill each morning, but he said to me very regretfully that he could no longer do that walk, he was too weak for it. However, we do a walk nearly all the way to the new staff quarters twice a day, and this has been such a special treat. We talk about Baba, and the Jessawalla family's life with Him. He was talking about remembering Baba all the time, (remember my first entry on this blog!) and we got to discussing the spiritual hierarchy. I know we may all have read this, but our little speck of a world is the spiritual hub of the universe. The Avatar and the 5 Perfect Masters can only be found here. Though there are spiritual seekers in all the millions of worlds that contain intelligent life forms, ours is the control centre and if they need to progress on the path via a push from one of the enlightened ones, they have to come here.

Meherwan was saying that especially in the Avataric advent and in the 100 years that His presence remains after He drops the physical form, there is a vast influx of souls taking birth on earth to avail the spiritual push the Avatar's physical presence brings. Meherwan asked me how was it that science progressed so quickly in the last few decades? He said that there are worlds out there that are far more scientifically advanced than the earth, and these souls bring their knowledge from these worlds in some vestigeal form, and develop it further during their time here. See how a lot of the computer wizards are very young, see how easy it all is to them. A perspective I had not considered before. I must admit, it makes perfect sense. I am very computer illiterate.

Apparently, I have to read more Baba books. 'The Everything and the Nothing' was named. I am reading the Discourses, again. When all else fails, go to the Discourses. Any questions? Look there, the answers are all in the book, just waiting to be discovered. Or rediscovered, in my case. Problem is, I seem to have lost a few questions!! Age, I guess. Loving Jai Baba to you all.

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